Secretary Message

From the desk of the Secretary.

Mrs. Chandana Rath

Undoubtedly, I feel proud to be a part of the Rainbow family. Charity begins from our own family the world is so vast, but it seems to be tiny if we think we have conquered it with the powerful weapon of Education. I always devote most of my valuable time in increasing the standard of this institution in every way starting from the foundation to high level. We have deployed such faculty members to enhance the glory of the institution where the students are a part parcel of our family. We always create such environment in the school campus giving importance to all types co-curricular activities that are beneficial for the students.

We can easily understand and accept the failure and handle success properly. The only way to reach our career success to set our life goals where education for us a part of it. Everyone wants to succeed in life through proper education. The aim institution is to maintain a congenial discipline providing fruitful education to our children who are the future citizens of our unit nation.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.