Principal Message

From the desk of the Principal.

Sj. Hinamshu Shekhar Meher

I feel proud to be the head of the Rainbow family since it started in the year 2000. I have been always striving and struggling hard to flourish this institution to its high peak. Unexhausted effort has made me touch the success of culmination coming to this level with the strong support of my hard-working teachers and better half Mrs. Chandana Rath, We always provide intrinsic and holistic care to our students imparting education which plays an important role providing them adequate knowledge and help to understand the practical value of life.

Our teachers always care to build up and shape their career in order to lead a happy and qualitative life in their future. I can say that we have achieved a lot in the last few years in every aspect of education with all infrastructure what we have for the students

Every little face I can see here came into this world trailing clouds of glory from heaven. And suddenly the litle angel finds himself flled with doubts fear and confusion. Education that we impart in our Rainbow family removes their doubts and fear and makes them happy and peaceful, that makes better human beings. But gaining knowledge alone does not make one educated. Education is complete only when we learn how to live, how to hope, how to pray and how to behave to others. So the motto of our institution is to instill the idea of all around development through proper education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.